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Join us for the first Yiddish event of the year!
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2014 | 7pm
י.־ל. פּרץ אין אַ צײַט פֿון רעוואָלוציע
Y. L. Peretz in a Time of Revolution


Michael Steinlauf, Gratz College; Edward Portnoy, Rutgers University and YIVO
This program is only in Yiddish.

די לעקציע וועט אָנצייכענען פּרצעס אידעיִשע אַנטוויקלונג בשעת ס’האָט געפֿלאַקערט די רעוואָלוציע פֿון 1905־1906 אין וואַרשע. אין יענע יאָרן האָט פּרץ אָנגעהויבן פֿאָרמולירן אַ תּשובֿה וואָס האָט אַרויסגעברענגט סײַ דעם נחת, סײַ די סכּנה פֿונעם פּרוּוו צו בויען אַ מאָדערנע ייִדישע קולטור אין גלות.ו

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The Painful Dilemma of Memory Politics: Interview with Leonidas Donskis [Part I]

Leonidas Donskis, European Union Parliament Member, is interviewed here by Yedies editor Roberta Newman and YIVO Public Program Director Helena Gindi about Lithuanian-Jewish relations after the Holocaust. Read more…

Jews, Cities and Culture: Hamburg, New York and Kiev

On Thursday, February 6 at 6:30pm, YIVO, in partnership with the Center for Jewish History and the Leo Baeck Institute, will present a roundtable about how three distinct cities provided settings for the flowering of Jewish cultural and intellectual life, and Jewish cultural contributions to the larger life of these cities. Read more…

Newly Published Books Based on Research at YIVO

Every month, the YIVO Library receives complimentary copies of books whose content has been drawn in part from research done by the authors in the YIVO Archives and Libra

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