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Dropped on:September 1, 2014
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YIVO in California

YIVO Executive Director Jonathan Brent will be speaking at several programs at Let’s Never Forget: The Night and Hope of Arnost Lustig, on September 6, 2014 in Auburn, California. For more about this event, click here. 

This Week in Yedies: News from YIVO

Max Weinreich in Copenhagen
by Bent Blüdnikow

In 1939, Max Weinreich, his wife Regina, and their son Uriel-Eliezer were stranded in Copenhagen, Denmark. Weinreich had been on his way to Brussels for a conference on languages with leading Danish linguists. But the outbreak of war put an end to his trip and he was forced to stay in Copenhagen while his wife traveled back to Vilna in order to care for the couple’s youngest child, Gabriel. Read more…

YIVO in the News/Staff Notes – August 2014

The YIVO Digital Archive on Jewish Life in Poland is glowingly reviewed on a website dedicated to the Jewish community of Dnepetrovsk. | In an August 20 article in the Malibu Times, “Malibu Film Archive Gives Light To Anne Frank Documentary,” filmmaker Paula Fouce speaks of the importance of YIVO’s Holocaust collections, including the recently discovered Otto Frank file. Read more…

Unless otherwise mentioned events take place at the
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research  |  15 West 16th Street
New York  |  NY  | 10011

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