Writer’s Wedmesday: e e cummings

Dropped on:October 26, 2017
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Click Here to Read:  e e  cummings on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read:  e e  cummings on the website.

Click Here to Read: The Rebellion of E.E. Cummings: The poet’s artful reaction against his father–and his alma mater
by Adam Krirsch on the Harvard Magazine website in the MARCH-APRIL 2005.

Click Here to Read: A Lost E.E. Cummings Poem Discovered by James Dempsey on the website on May 25, 2011.

Click Here to Read:  The Prince of Patchin Plac: Now remembered largely for his funky punctuation, E. E. Cummings was for decades one of America’s most celebrated, controversial, and popular poets—the dashing, impecunious prince of Greenwich Village. In an adaptation from her new biography of Cummings, Susan Cheever recalls one winter night in 1958 when the Harris Tweed-clad modernist, a longtime friend and mentor to her novelist father, rocked her teenage world by Susan Cheever in Vanity Fair in the March 2014 issue.

Click Here to Read:  E. E. Cummings 1894–1962 on the Poetry Foundation Website.

Click Here to Read: E. E. Cummings 1894 – 1962 on the Hello Poetry website.

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