Workshop on the Ripple Effect at Columbia University Medical Center

Dropped on:October 15, 2012
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Workshop on the Ripple Effect:

An Integrative Framework for Enhancing Trauma-Informed Practices Across Systems Developed by Chandra Ghosh Ippen, PhD, Christopher Layne, PhD & Bob Pynoos, MD, MPH November 8th, 9AM—1PM, Columbia University Medical Center location Cost — students: $25, professionals: $75

The Ripple Effect is an integrative framework for understanding and communicating how trauma can affect a child, a family, and a system. The framework of the Ripple Effect can be applied to translate complex trauma concepts using metaphor, visual models, common language, and rich case examples and shows:
1. The domains of functioning affected by trauma
2. The mechanisms through which trauma affects development
3. Intervention pathways
This workshop on the Ripple Effect offers foundational trauma knowledge for clinicians learning evidence-based trauma treatments and highlights ways to share trauma theory with family members and across systems as we work jointly to lessen the impact of trauma exposure.


Training in Child-Parent Psychotherapy:
An Evidence-Based Dyadic Treatment for Young Children & their

Developed by Alicia Lieberman, PhD & Patricia Van Horn. PhD
November 8th, 9th & 10th, 9AM—1PM, Columbia Univeristy Medical Center location

Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) is a dyadic attachment-based treatment for young children (0-5 years) and their caregivers shown to be effective in treating difficulties associated with exposure to domestic violence, and/or child maltreatment, and improving attachment security for children in the context of maternal depression. Attendance in this initial training (which includes Ripple Effect Workshop) in conjunction with follow-up phone supervision and booster trainings will qualify participants for CPP Clinician certification. Contact to inquire about training details and cost.

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