Wholeheartedness in the treatment of trauma: Virtual Open House at AIP

Dropped on:May 21, 2020
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THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR PSYCHOANALYSIS The second oldest Psychoanalytic Institute in New York ● Established in 1941329 East 62nd Street ● New York, NY 10065 ● ● info@aipnyc.orgMember of the American Psychoanalytic Association & International Psychoanalytical Association

We invite you to meet our Faculty and Students at our Virtual OPEN HOUSE Monday, June 1, 2020 (7:30 PM – 8:30 PM)
Wholeheartedness in the treatment of trauma: Special considerations during the Covid-19 pandemic

This presentation examines wholeheartedness and basic anxiety as fundamental concepts of Horney’s theory and their relevance in working with patients during the Covid-19 pandemic.  How do we attend to the sequelae of trauma our patients are now (re)experiencing, in tandem with our own? A wholehearted approach offers something essential during these challenging times, as it relates to the analysts’ ongoing attempts to be fully present for our patients while acknowledging and attending to our own personal variables and inner conflicts.

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