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Dropped on:January 27, 2021
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Dr Michael Mosesson’s book, describing his vast contributions to the field of fibrinogen research, is full of rich and often very funny anecdotes of encounters during his « Journeys of a Clot Doctor ».  His seminal publications on the structure and function of fibrinogen, a fascinating (and beautiful!) molecule, and how it is converted to fibrin, have inspired many scientists in the field, including me. Readers who have had the chance to discuss and debate with “Mike” at one of the Fibrinogen Workshops organised by the International Fibrinogen Research Society, the founding of which is described in a very entertaining chapter of this book, will immediately recognize his wit and style. All readers will appreciate the life-time dedication it takes to answer certain research questions and generate others which sometimes have to be handed over to the next generation of passionate scientists.

–Marguerite Neerman-Arbez, University of Geneva, Switzerland. Marguerite Neerman-Arbez has received several international scientific prizes for her work on the molecular basis of fibrinogen disorders (European Society of Human Genetics Young Investigator Award; International Prize for Research on Coagulation Disorders from the Angelo Bianchi Bonomi Foundation, Roche Prize for Advancement in Hemostasis Research.) Dr. Neerman-Arbez is a former member of the Swiss National Academy of Sciences Forum for Genetic Research and current member of the Board of Counselors of the International Fibrinogen Research Society.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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