The aesthetic development in psychoanalytic thinking: a series of lectures April-June

Dropped on:June 25, 2009
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A series of lectures on the psychoanalytic theories of Bion and Meltzer: Linking psychoanalysis and the arts

April – June 2009
Fee: £30 per seminar (£130 for all 5 seminars)
Venue: Tavistock Centre, London

This series of lectures focuses on the psychoanalytic theories of Wilfred Bion and Donald Meltzer and on the links which they had begun to establish between psychoanalysis and the arts.

Bion and Meltzer were at the forefront of enabling psychoanalysis to acquire an aesthetic dimension in terms of both the analytic encounter and the model of the mind employed. They considered it of vital importance that this dimension should be recognized and its rich and dynamic potential fully utilized.

These lectures are designed for clinical practitioners who are interested in exploring Bion’…

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