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CAPA, the China American Psychoanalytic Alliance, trains mental health professionals in China to do psychoanalytic psychotherapy. More than 400 Western psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists are CAPA members: teaching and supervising and treating (psychoanalysis and analytic psychotherapy) our wonderful, hardworking, English speaking students using distance technology. Please look at our website

1 session/week of supervision is part of our Four-year training program.
Graduates of the Two-year Basic program and the Two-year Advanced program want (and need) more supervision. CAPA has 20 openings for supervisors.
Supervisors for individual supervision and for supervising 2 or 3 students at the same time are needed. The commitment is 30 weeks a year.

Working with CAPA students is an exciting, gratifying and worthwhile experience
If you are interested, please contact me:
And I will send you more information.

Elise Snyder, President CAPA

Save Saturday January 17 for the CAPA Dim Sum Lunch and discussion groups in NY

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