“Silence and Memory: An Exploration of Music, Mind and Brain” with CFS and IPTAR

Dropped on:February 10, 2019
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SAVE THE DATE: “Silence and Memory: An Exploration of Music, Mind and Brain” co-sponsored by The Contemporary Freudian Society and the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research May 24, 2019

Violinist, composer, and psychotherapist Cornelius Dufallo (ETHEL, Flux Quartet) will host a concert and discussion featuring world renowned musicians, Israeli American virtuoso violinist and composer, Ittai Shapira, and  evocative​ ​Turkish pianist and composer, Emir Gamsizolglu;  pre-eminent neuroscientist, Joseph LeDoux; and respected psychoanalyst, Ruth Oscharoff. 

The evening will begin and end with music. Interspersed with the music will be comments from all the participants. ​Dufallo​will play his own compositions and will discuss the psychological meanings of silence in music and psychotherapy. Oscharoff​ will augment the discussion of silence in analytic treatments and introduce the concept of “silent interpretations.” ​Le Doux​, the author of ​The Emotional Brain ​and ​Anxious​, will describe key findings from his research on emotion and memory and their connection to music.

Both ​Shapira​ and ​Gamsizolglu​ will in turn play their original compositions and share their perspectives on the roles of silence, music, and memory on individual and cultural levels.

This event aims to foster reflection about the importance of silence in our lives, in analytic treatment, and in regard to the way silence helps us create meaning, individually and as a society. 

Location: National Sawdust, a music venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Tickets: $35.00 if purchased in advance, and $40.00 at the door

Additional information to follow.

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