Save the Date: Upcoming Meets at NYPSI

Dropped on:November 17, 2020
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Special Event:   Saturday, Nov. 21, 10:30: “Tribalism and Discrimination:  An Anthropological and Evolutionary Perspective,” Henry Nunberg, M.D. (moderator), Mark Solms, Ph.D., Robert Paul, Ph.D., Chief Vincent Mann of the Ramapough-Lenape Nation
Dec. 8:  Brill Lecture:  Robert Smith, M.D. “On the Transition Towards a University Educational Model at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute.”
January 12: Judy Kantrowitz, Ph.D. and Ted Jacobs, M.D. in conversation with Leon Balter, M.D.
February 23: Leon Hoffman, M.D. “Evolution of a Classic Psychoanalytic Institute: Escape from Rome.”  Discussant:  Arnold Richards, M.D.
March 9:  Leon Kupferstein Memorial Award:  Wilma Bucci, Ph.D.
April 16-17:  Conference: “Creativity:  Trans-Formation in Psychoanalysis and Art”
In honor of Matthew Silvan.  Postponed to Fall 2021 or to such time as it can be in-person with accompanying art exhibit.
April 27: Peter Blos Sr. Memorial Lecture: John Tisdale, D.Min.May 4:  Coline Covington, Ph.D.  “My Country, My Self: Separation, Identity and Dissonance.”Respondents (in informal conversation with each other and the presenter): Anna Balas, M.D. and Gilda Sherwin, M.D.
May 11: Freud Lecture: Leon Balter, M.D.
June 8:  Candidates’ meeting:  Jess Olson, Ph.D.  Case presentation. Discussant:  Lissa Weinstein, Ph.D.

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