Psychology Sunday: Frank Summers

Dropped on:November 16, 2014
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Click Here to Read:  Frank Summers’s Website.

Click Here to Read:  Psychoanalysis in the Age of “Just Do It”: Presidential address to the APA Division 39 Spring Conference in Boston by Frank Summers on Kristi Pikiewicz, PhD’a Meaningful You blog on the Psychology Today blogs on May 3, 2013.

Click Here to Read: A Sad Day For Organized American Psychology: Letter from the President, Division 39, American Psychological Association, Frank Summers on Todd Essig’s blog  on the Forbes Magazine website. on March 3, 3013.

Click Here to Read: Frank Summers, Ph.D., ABPP presented with Johanna Tabin Public Service Award on the Division 39 Insight website on March 39, 3013.

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