Psychodynamic Psychiatry 41:1 Table of Contents

Dropped on:March 1, 2013
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Volume 41, Number 1 Spring 2013
SPECIAL ISSUE: Psychodynamic Psychiatry
in Residency Education
Guest Editor: Elizabeth L. Auchincloss

Editor*s Introduction to the Special Issue
Richard C. Friedman 1
Guest Editor*s Introduction
Elizabeth L. Auchincloss 3

Teaching All the Evidence Bases: Reintegrating Psychodynamic
Aspects of Prescribing into Psychopharmacology Training
C. Jason Mallo and David L. Mintz 13

Psychodynamic Cultural Psychiatry:
A New Approach to Teaching Residents
Sandra Park 39

The Training of Psychodynamic Psychiatrists:
The Concept of *Psychodynamic Virtue*
Adam Brenner and Fuad Khan 57

The Role of Therapist Activity in
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Jeff Katzman and Patricia Coughlin 75

Teaching Focus in Psychotherapy: A Training Essential
Richard F. Summers, Yan Xuan, and Donald N. Tavakoli 91
Teaching Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with the Y Model
David A. Goldberg and Eric M. Plakun 111

Teaching Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
to Psychiatric Residents: An Integrated Approach
Emily Gastelum, Carolyn J. Douglas,
and Deborah L. Cabaniss 127

Teaching Clinical Research on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to
Psychiatric Residents
Fredric N. Busch, Barbara L. Milrod, and Nathan C. Thoma 141

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy in the General Psychiatry
Residency: A Useful and Applicable Model for
Residents in Acute Clinical Settings
Erin Zerbo, Shelly Cohen, Wiktoria Bielska, and Eve Caligor 163

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