Psychoanalysis in Minor Language with Mariano Horenstein at IPTAR

Dropped on:April 28, 2015
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proudly presents the Argentinian psychoanalyst:

Mariano Horenstein on Psychoanalysis in Minor Language

“Psychoanalysts, beyond our differences, feel relatively comfortable in relation to time. However, it is in relation to space where we can expect a more provocative interpellation. Deleuze has stated this accurately: ‘We think too much in terms of history, either personal or universal, but becomings belong to Geography’. It is perhaps in Geography where a great deal of the future of psychoanalysis is at stake, not only in relation to its politics –to the way in which it can reach China or the countries that were behind the Iron Curtain– but also in its theoretical future if we think about how Geography –that of the mind and that of analytic practice– interpellates its essential concepts”.

Date: Friday, May 15

Place: IPTAR West (140 West 97th Street)

Time: 7.30pm

Suggested fee: $20/General audience

Free for candidates/students with ID

Mariano Horenstein is a training and supervising analyst who belongs to IPA and FEPAL and works in Argentina. He’s the chief editor of Calibán, the official Journal of the Latin American Psychoanalytical Federation. He usually publishes and lectures in many Latin American countries and has won some international prizes such as the M. Bergwerk (about the clinic forms of Evil), the Lucien Freud (about Psychoanalysis and Culture), the Elise Hayman Award for the study of Holocaust and Genocide (given by the IPA) and the A. Garma (given by the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry). He is a member of the international research group “Geographies of Psychoanalysis”.

Moderator: Martha Bragin

Discussant: Carlos Padrón

Reception to follow


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