Philosophy Thursday: Frank P. Ramsey

Dropped on:April 20, 2017
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Click Here to Read: Frank P. Ramsey on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read:  ‘One of the Great Intellects of His Time’ Review of Frank Ramsey (1903–1930): A Sister’s Memoir by Margaret Paul, with a foreword by Brian McGuinness and an afterword by Gabriele TaylorRay, Reviewed by Ray Monk in The New York Review of Books in the December 22, 2016 Issue.

Click Here to Read:  The Philosophy of F.P. Ramsey by Nils-Eric Sahlin (this short introduction was written 2001 for this site) on the Nils-Erc Sahlin website.

Click Here to Read:   Truth and Probability (1926) & “Further Considerations” (1928) & “Probability and Partial Belief” (1929) by Frank P. Ramsey on the website.

Click Here to Read:  The Life & Work of Frank P. Ramsey on YouTube. Frank P. Ramsey was a British philosopher, mathematician, economist, who lived and worked in the early 20th century. He was a close friend of Ludwig Wittgenstein and helped to translate Wittgenstein’s Tractatus into English. Ramsey was also famous for his work on logic, probability, economics, and truth.

Click Here to Read:   Facts and Propositions by Frank P. Ramsey on the website.

Click Here to Read:   VI.-Symposium: “Facts and Propositions.” By F. P. Ramswy and G. E. Moore on the Benjamin Ferguson website.

Click Here to Read:  Ramsey on Truth and Truth on Ramsey by Pierre Le Morvan British in Journal for the History of Philosophy 12(4) 2004: 705 – 718.

Click Here to Read:  Other Posts on Philosophy Thursday on this website.

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