Pete Seeger May 3, 1919-January 27, 2014 by Herbert Weiner

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Pete Seeger

May 3, 1919-January 27, 2014

World citizen/
National treasure/
Musical artist
your voice/music

is not in the
grave Your force
is the vitality
of America /

that has driven
labor struggles
creativity and

human efforts
It cannot be
stilled or crushed

In your life you
supported so
many causes
with artistry

joy and soul
They subpoenaed
you for this and
your Communist

Party membership
and you offered
to perform for
them They refused

preferring to
cite you for contempt
of Congress Had
you played they would


have cringed under
the table in fear
of your humanity
After you left

the CP Joseph
Stalin would have
had the same fear
His cover would

have been blown He
coopted so many
like you who had
basic decency—free

spirits and were
kind activist/
who represent

the best of the
Founding Fathers
and America
You and others

left but your
music and joyous
voice continue
to affirm the good

of our nation
challenging what
is wrong—the music
of the true American

rebels of the War
of Independence the
immigrants who
worked in factories

built our railroads
created the unions
with a decent
standard of living
and fought Fascism
Born two years
after the Bolshevik
Revolution and

after the First
World War which
began 100 years
before your life’s

end your life spanned
10 decades—a legacy
to the 21st century
Your music fueled

and still fuels our
efforts in the worst
moments of despair
Finally the Clintons

and Obama honored
you I thought
about you a few
days ago marveling

at your age/vitality
And then you were
gone on my 75th
birthday and the

19thyarhzeit of
my favorite
football player
Bob Chandler who

also opposedthe
Vietnam War
If I am correct
you are in the

eternal sky with
Malvina Reynolds
Woody Guthrie
Jon Fromer and
other kindred
souls All of you
sing to us on
earth encouraging

our opposition to
the social order
Your joyous music
will never die It

fuels our efforts
to make a
better world—

in the stormiest
of times with your
voice a rainbow
of sight and sound

Thank you!
January 31, 2014

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