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Dropped on:December 22, 2014
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It has been a great year for IPBooks!

Published  in 2014:

The Interwoven Lives of Sigmund, Anna and W. Ernest Freud by Daniel Benveniste

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The Exploiters by Harvey Kaplan.
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Male Homosexuality, Kindle Edition by Richard Friedman, MD.
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Pretend Ballads by Edward McCrorie
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Jellyfish Have Eyes, a novel by Joram Piatigorsky
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Nine Lives: Nine Case Histories Reflecting the Human Condition by Newell Fischer
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and coming in 2015 from IPBooks:

Streets 1970 by Merle Molofsky

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Sigmund Freud for Couch Potatoes, Cartoons by Victoria Todd

Below the Line in Beijing by Richard Seldin
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Psychoanalysis: Critical Conversations: Selected papers by Arnold Richards Volumes I and 2
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Nodal Points: Critical Voices in Contemporary Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis by Joseph Schachter, .D., PhD. & Horst Kächele, M.D., PhD.
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And Also:

James Anderson, editor Annual of Psychoanalysis: Psychoanalysis and Dreama
Daniel Benveniste, editor, Forward by Humberto Nágera Anna Freud in the Hampstead Clinic Letters to Humberto Nágera, American Psychodynamic Press Book Series.
Augustus F. Kinzel: Person Theory: Toward a New Developmental Paradigm for the Origin, Nature, and Disorder of the Mind
Robert Holt: The Rapaport/Holt Correspondence American Psychodynamic Press Book Series
Robert L. Lippman:  The Unknown Freud:  Five Plays
Voices from the New York School for Psych0oanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis:  Contributions from Today’s World edited by Edwin Fancher and Miriam Pierce
David Werman Applied Psychoanalysis: Explorations and Excursions: Selected Papers of David Werman American Psychodynamic Press Book Series



0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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