Movies Monday: Devi

Dropped on:June 29, 2015
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Click Here to Read: Devi (1960 film) by Satyajit Ray film on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read: Devi (The Goddess) on the Satyajit Ray website.

Click Here to View:  Devi – The Goddess – 1960 film on YouTube.

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Click Here to Read: On Satyajit Ray’s Film Adaptation of “The Goddess” by Dilip K. Basu on the Zoetrope All-Story website.

Click Here to Read: MOVIE REVIEW / Grand Delusion in a Hindu Land / In `Devi’ Satyajit Ray explores power of family and religion; Edward Guthmann in the San Francisco Chronicle on September 22, 1995.

Click Here to Read: Satyajit Ray’s ‘Devi’ Arrives:Indian Film Deals With a Religious Conflict Creator of ‘Apu’ Plays Old Against in The New York Times on October 8, 1962.

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0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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