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Dropped on:September 6, 2012
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I experienced a brilliant talk today from Fernanda Maio (, who is working with Jungian archetypes in organisation – can’t believe someone is working in the same arena as me! She also practices shamanism – stands to reason really.

Fernanda introduced me to an archetypal model I wasn’t familiar with – by Gareth S. Hill ( – of course as soon as I saw it it resonated so much with me it was as if I’d always known it – so much more fluid and open than Corlett and Pearson’s attempt at defining the organizational psyche.


Steve Taylor’s play – the invisible foot – hilarious, clever, critical – wow, hats off to the perfomers who braved the risk boldly and won through! (I’m saying this as someone who detests musicals – and yes, there were ‘numbers’!)


Love Stefan Meisiek’s studio initiative at Copenhagen Business School:


Also – read Paul’s fab conference blog here

“Reflections and projections at the Sixth Art of Management and Organisation Conference 5th September 2012 16:00 Jenny Knight shares some of her poetry on the organisational dark side.”


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