Jim Hall and Red Mitchell – Valse Hot – Live at Sweet Basil 1978

Dropped on:November 18, 2016
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This previously unreleased Jim Hall/Red Mitchellmaterial from the famed 1978 performances at Sweet Basil is now available! Included in the package is an audiophile DVD containing high resolution 24bit/96kHz audio files.

We wanted to preserve every bit of quality possible so we spared no expense and had the reel-to-reel tapes transferred by the pros at Battery Studios right here in mid-town Manhattan. Mastering was done by none other than Greg Calbi at the world famous Sterling Sound. After hearing the music at Sterling Sound we knew that people were going to love hearing the music like we were in the studio that day. That is when we decided to release “Valse Hot” with an additional ultra-high resolution data disc containing 24bit/96kHz files.

Participate in the Remembering Jim Hall Project on ArtistShare to experience this amazing performance. Participants also have access to interviews with musicians that were close to Jim, including Scott Colley, Steve LaSpina, Brian Camelio and others.

We are excited to continue sharing Jim Hall’s legacy with you. Thank you to everyone who joined to the Remembering Jim Hall Project. You are an integral part of celebrating Jim Hall’s life and legacy.

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