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Dropped on:January 30, 2017
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I  am very pleased to announce the launching of a new Journal: JASPER
It is edited by Burton Seitler and will be published by IPBooks
Issue one is complete Subscription information will follow

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Editors, Burton N. Seitler, Ph.D. and Grace E. Jackson, M.D. and our Publishers, SInternational Psychoanalytic Books (aka would like to officially announce that the Journal for the Advancement of Scientific Psychoanalytic Empirical Research (J.A.S.P.E.R.) will become available to both professionals and the public on or about March, 2017. For a journal of this kind to succeed it will need all of our concerted efforts, expertise, dedication, and commitment. We will need followers who believe that the time has come for psychoanalysis to have one journal whose sole purpose is to provide a home for quality research and one roof under which scientific psychoanalytic studies will be easily accessible to theoreticians, to researchers, clinicians, to professionals and to the lay public.

It is no small matter that JASPER will greatly depend upon contributions by authors whose work meets high standards, as well as a sophisticated readership that is open to the dual prospects that psychoanalysis needs to be, and can be studied, a readership that will appreciate the value of a journal that is determined to find and publish excellent psychoanalytic research articles, one that is neither biased, nor influenced by external pressures, and will support this endeavor. For any journal to thrive it requires interesting writers and interested readers. It is our aim for JASPER to achieve both of these goals. EXTRA EXTRA! To all our present subscribers and future ones: Read all about it. JASPER is going to make its grand entrance into this world this March.

Burton N. Seitler, Ph.D., Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Grace E. Jackson, M.D. Co-Editor

All requests for subscriptions and/or manuscript submissions should be sent to the following contact e-mail address:

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