Interpretation: Freud’s Specific or Relevant Action, and Klein’s Point of Urgency” Chris Mawson at UPMS

Dropped on:February 3, 2015
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Interpretation: Freud’s Specific or Relevant Action,and Klein’s Point of Urgency”
Chris Mawson
presented by Understanding Primitive Mental States

Friday, May 1, 2015

To speak or not to speak; and if we intervene in the patient’s associations, on what should we focus our interpretation, and in what terms? What role does anxiety play in such decisions? How can we speak more to the point?2007

Chris Mawson will discuss his paper “Interpretation: Freud’s Specific or Relevant Action, and Klein’s Point of Urgency”. The paper offers for discussion a model that addresses the basics of why and how we intervene in response to our grasp, or otherwise, of the patient’s actions, associations and communications in the psychoanalytical situation. The model brings together an early formulation of Freud’s, from his “Project for a Scientific Psychology”; the twin aims of interpretation specified by Klein in her 1932 work, ‘The Psycho-Analysis of Children’; and Bion’s model of Container-Contained.

Chris Mawson is a training and supervising analyst of the British Psychoanalytical Society and Institute in full-time private practice near Oxford, England. Before clinical training he carried out research into the dreams and peculiarities of attention found in manic depressive patients with unusually short mood-cycles. He trained as a Clinical Psychologist and then as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist working with adolescents and children, initially at the Child Guidance Training Clinic of the Tavistock Centre and at the Tavistock Clinic and then as a Senior Psychologist at St Mary’s Department of Child Psychiatry at the Paddington Green Children’s Hospital, London.

He is the Editor of The Complete Works of Bion (2014, In Press) a 16 Volume work which includes a number of previously unpublished works by Bion. (Karnac: London released July 2014). He is also the editor of Bion Today (Routledge: London, 2011).

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