In Our Times, Psychoanalysis Celebrating Thirty Years of Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association at Après-Coup

Dropped on:September 28, 2017
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Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association presents

In Our Times, Psychoanalysis Celebrating Thirty Years of Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association October 6–8, 2017 The School of Visual Arts 136 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10011

Friday, October 6, 5:30 pm Registration, 6:00 pm Opening Remarks: Ona Nierenberg, Paola Mieli, 6:30 pm On the Discourse of Science

Liliana Donzis, Escuela Freudiana de Buenos Aires, The Desire of the Analyst and the Medicalization of Childhood

Peter Gillespie, Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association, Capturing the Desire of the Worker: From Scientific Management to the Psychoanalytic Clinic

Ona Nierenberg, Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association, Born This Way: The Discourse of Science, Psychoanalysis and Sexuality

Mark Stafford, Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association, Being Human, the Technological Extensions of the Boundaries of the Body


Saturday, October 7
10:00 am On the Social Link

Guillermina Diaz, Escuela Psicoanalitica Sigmund Freud-Rosario
On the Social Link in Psychoanalysis

Salvatore F. Guido, Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association
Psychoanalysis in Dark Times, Freud’s and Ours

Betty Fuks, Universidade de Rio de Janeiro
On Psychoanalysis and Xenophobia: Some Reflections

Paola Mieli, Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association
Psychoanalytic Ethics in the Time of Selfies
1:00 pm Break
2:30 pm On the Analytic Act

Marie Magdeleine Lessana, Ècole Lacanienne de Psychanalyse
A Viral Psychoanalysis

Nora Markman, Le Cercle Freudien
Subjectivizing Loss

Denise Maurano, Corpo Freudiano Rio de Janiero
Resonances Between Memory and Music: Some Subjective and Social Effects

Scott Von, Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association
The Impossible Profession: Psychoanalysis in Extension

Martin Winn, Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association
… and some others


Sunday, October 8th
10:00 am Psychoanalysis Today

Guy Dana, Le Cercle Freudien
Artaud: Between Void and Excess

Lillian Ferrari, Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association
In Our Times, The Demand of the Gaze and the Desire of the Analyst

Kareen Malone, Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association
A Series of Unfortunate Events: Psychoanalysis and Psychology in North America

André Michels, Espace Analytique
Letter and Body: Foundations of Lacanian Clinical Thinking

Annie Muir, Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association
Translation and Psychoanalytic Transmission, Then and Now
1:30 pm Closing Remarks


Free and open to the public.
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