How True is “The Crown” on the Suez Cover-Up?

Dropped on:March 1, 2018
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Click Here to Read:   How True is “The Crown” on the Suez Cover-Up?: In the hit show, Queen Elizabeth II puts the British prime minister in check for his secret plan to attack Egypt. In real life, he was checkmated by David Ben-Gurion by Martin Kremer on the Mosaic website on March 1 2018.

A Westland Whirlwind helicopter taking off from the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Albion (R07) to stand by for emergency rescue operations as the ship turns into the wind to fly off her aircraft on a strike. Visible on deck are De Havilland Sea Venoms of 809 Naval Air Squadron, and Hawker Sea Hawks from 800 and 802 NAS.  Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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