FREUD FACES Photomontage by Josh Hoffs M.D.

Dropped on:November 22, 2013
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FREUD FACES Photomontage by Josh Hoffs M.D.

Click here to view: Freud Faces, 48 x 48 inches, photograph on board.

Click below for Paintings by Josh Hoffs
Click here to View: The Prince, 72 x 48 inches, Acrylic on Canvas.
Click Here to View: Mount Snow, 72 x 48 inches, Acrylic on Canvas.
Click Here to View: Miranda Multiforme, 42 x 33 inches, Epson Print on Board
Click Here to View:  Nine Personalities, 58 x 43 inches, Epson Print on Board .

FREUD FACES photomontage was created by Josh Hoffs M.D. in 1976. Sixteen photos of Sigmund Freud’s face, ages 8 to 82, are arranged chronologically in a grid formation of four across and four down.
The original photomontage, 48 by 48 inches, was printed photographically on paper in black and white. A limited series of these prints were sold or donated to various institutions including the Freud Museum in London, and the Southern California, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York Psychoanalytic Institutes. A second edition of smaller, 24 x 24 inch, prints have been sold over the past 35 years around the world.

Josh Hoffs received his B.A. from Harvard University in 1954. As a student at Harvard, he studied with Anna Freud, who at that time was a visiting professor and lecturer in psychoanalysis and child development. He remained in contact with her over the course of her lifetime through correspondence, a visit to the Freud home and the Hampstead Clinic in London, and her visits to Los Angeles. Hoffs studied medicine at Yale University and the University of Chicago, and received his M.D. in 1957. He completed a residency in psychiatry at UCLA and psychoanalytic training at the Los Angeles Institute for Psychoanalysis, where he became a training and supervising analyst in 1970.

His publications include Anthropophagy (Cannibalism) and its Relation to the Oral Phase of Development, After the Analysis: A Note on the Post-Termination Phase, and Comments on Psychoanalytic Biography with Special Reference to Freud’s Interest in Woodrow Wilson.

Hoffs is especially interested in the creative process, and is also a painter. Several images of his work can be viewed in the link above.
Hoffs lives and works in Los Angeles where he maintains a private practice. He is a training and supervising analyst at the New Center for Psychoanalysis and an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA.

He is currently working on a book involving the human life cycle, the role of pleasure and pain in motivation, group psychology, and the application of psychoanalysis to childhood education.


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