Courage as a Component of the Psychoanalytic Attitude with Clara Nemas

Dropped on:April 29, 2014
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Visiting Kleinian Analyst Series
Clara Nemas M.D.

Courage as a Component of the Psychoanalytic Attitude
“If you have no stomach for anxiety, you are in the wrong profession” W.Bion

Friday May 30th at The Culture Center, New York 8 PM

This paper is located on the frontier between practice and ethics. The author proposes that courage is a quality of the self and is part of the analytic attitude. She differentiates courage from other qualities such as valor, audacity or daring. She relates valor to the masculine aspect of the combined object. It is linked to the oedipal struggle, the heroic rescue of the mother, the defeat of the narcissistic gang, and to the maternal quality of the combined object, sustained over time. She relates courage to Bion’s ideas on maternal reverie.

Dr Nemas will explore the analytic process and the search for the relative truth of each person’s experience. This is what leads us to be concerned about our motivations, to think about our emotions, to examine our ethical position in relation to our internal objects, and to the other subjects with whom we relate. In particular, to question the authenticity with which we fight for our passions. She will bring some clinical material to illustrate these ideas.

Dr. Clara Nemas is a training and supervising adult and child analyst in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been trained (Maudsley) and influenced by the British Kleinian school. She is on the editorial board of the IJP. She has written many papers that are in English-speaking journals and books. She teaches in Seattle and in many countries in South America. Her papers on beauty and ethics, envy and infant observation have been an inspiring contribution to Kleinian literature.

Please RSVP to:, Tel: 2122492856
Fee of $30: Please send checks to Visiting Kleinian Analysts Series
C/o Karen Proner
9 East 96th St . NY NY 10128

Venue: The Culture Center
410 Columbus Ave (between 79th and 80th Streets,) NY

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