City Within a City by Basia Temkin-Berman

Dropped on:September 26, 2012
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 NEW RELEASE!! First-Ever English Edition! 

CITY WITHIN A CITY  by BASIA TEMKIN-BERMAN  “I would like to describe this state within a state, or rather city within a city, this most underground of all underground communities, whose members met with each other, worked and talked in the midst of a population which didn’t suspect anything; where every street, every coffee shop, every tram stop called to mind dozens of unique adventures. Every name was false, every word that was uttered carried a double meaning, and every telephone conversation was more encrypted than the secret diplomatic documents of embassies.”
 This diary was written in Polish when Basia (Batya), and her husband Dr. Adolf-Abraham Berman, lived on the Aryan side of Warsaw—the part designated by the Nazis for Polish Christians only—and led a secret network helping thousands of Jews to hide and survive.
Cosponsored by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.
Dedicated to the memory of Leon Kupferstein, MD, a prominent psychoanalyst who passed away five years ago.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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