Call for Papers: The Art of Listening: Psychoanalytic Transformations at AAPCSW

Dropped on:February 18, 2014
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March 12-15, 2015 Durham, North Carolina
CALL FOR PAPERS Deadline March 15, 2014

The Art of Listening: Psychoanalytic Transformations
As contemporary psychotherapy has become inundated with approaches offering a quick fix, the act of listening, the “art of listening” in healing psychic pain has lost its once exalted status. Psychoanalytic clinicians believe that deep and sustained transformations occur in an environment in which the individual feels both seen and heard. In this conference, we wish to emphasize that listening is an art, which is mastered through demanding study, hard-won self-awareness, and the gift of innate talent.


The Conference Committee invites submissions related to the theme.
Papers may reflect but are not limited to the following:
– Listening as science, listening as art
– The influence of theory on listening
– Clinical listening outside the traditional therapy office
– Listening in group, family, or couples therapy
– Listening for and responding to social injustice
– Clinical processes throughout the life span
Examples of other possible topics:
– Historical perspectives and debates in psychoanalysis
– Trauma and its evolving theories
– Internal and external psychic turmoil as it emerges in the therapeutic process
– Science and technology in the clinical process
– The impact of sexual orientation, gender, race, culture, class, language, and disabilities in the therapeutic dyad
– Applied psychoanalysis as it illuminates today’s politics and economics.

Please include
· Cover sheet: (a) Name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail for each author, co-author, or panelist, (b) title of paper, (c) two – three sentence abstract summarizing core ideas of paper, and (d) two educational objectives that state what the audience will learn, using “measurable” verbs such as describe, define, identify.
· A brief one-paragraph professional biographical statement that lists your credentials, education, 1-3 affiliations, 1-3 publications, geographical area of practice, etc.
· A copy of the full paper with no biographical or identifying data. Presentations will be approximately 25-35 minutes each.
E-mail submissions to:
Please have the subject line of your e-mail read: AAPCSW 2015 Conference Submission.
If for any reason you cannot email the submissions, please follow the instructions above and send 4 copies of the presentation to: Lawrence Schwartz Partners, 25-79 31st Street, Astoria, NY 11102 / 718.728.7416

Please follow the submission guidelines detailed above and mark your paper as an entry for the special student or candidate award. Awards will be granted to the best papers in each category. The winners will be invited to present their papers.

Address inquiries to:
Call for Paper Co-Chairs: Karen Baker, MSW,
M. Kim Sarasohn, PhD, MSW,
Student Papers Co-Chairs: Susan Sherman, DSW,
Diana Siskind, MSW,

All presenters must pay registration fees and are eligible for a registration discount.

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