Big Wild Cats

Dropped on:January 12, 2011
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We love and fear big wild cats and they are part of our cultural imagination. Join psychoanalyst Sally Weintrobe in a discussion of "the wild predator within" with award-winning film-makers Amanda Barrett and Owen Newman, and see clips from their latest wildlife documentaries.
Sally Weintrobe is a Fellow of the Institute of Psychoanalysis and chairs its Scientific Committee. She has written on the topics of identity and entitlement attitudes, grievance, prejudice, greed and our relationship with the environment and the natural world.
Amanda Barrett and Owen Newman are award-winning natural history film-makers with a special interest in big cats. Their recent films include The Desert Lions, featuring lions in northern Namibia, and Five Big Cats, which is narrated by David…

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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