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Dropped on:February 1, 2014
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Click Here to Read: Tendering and value-based pricing: lessons from Italy on human papilloma virus vaccines  by Livio Garattini, Katelijne Van de Vooren and Nick Freemantle  J R Soc Med 2014 107: 4

Click Here to Read:  Advances in motor neurone disease by Dirk Bäumer, Kevin Talbot and Martin R Turner  J R Soc Med 2014 107: 14.

Click Here to Read:  Detection of the human endogenous retrovirus ERV3-encoded Env-protein in human tissues using antibody-based proteomics by Chen Fei, Christina Atterby, Per-Henrik Edqvist, Fredrik Pontén, Wei Wei Zhang, Erik Larsson and Frank P Ryan J R Soc Med 2014 107: 22 originally published online 21 November 2013.


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