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Dropped on:July 6, 2012
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Dear Colleagues,
I am delighted to announce the selection of Bonnie Litowitz, Ph.D. as the next Editor of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (JAPA).  Dr. Litowitz was recommended by the JAPA Editor Search Committee and confirmed by the Executive Committee.  Dr. Litowitz’s five-year term wil

l officially begin on January 1, 2014 and she will have the benefit of a year’s overlap with the current Editor, Steven Levy, M.D.
The Search Committee was chaired by Sandy Abend and included Betsy Auchincloss, Prudy Gourguechon, Deanna Holtzman, Peter Loewenberg, Bob Michels, Eric Nuetzel, Jerry Winer along with APsaA’s Executive Director, Dean Stein, and APsaA’s publishing consultant, Kathey Alexander, participating ex-officio.
Dr. Litowitz is on the faculty of the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Rush Medical School, and in private practice. She has been on the JAPAEditorial Board since 1999 and an Associate Editor from 2001 to 2011. Dr. Litowitz has been an Associate Professor at Northwestern University with joint appointments in the Departments of Linguistics and Communication Sciences and Disorders. She was also Dean of the Erikson Institute, a graduate school for advanced study of child development. She has published over 55 articles in academic and professional journals on psychoanalysis, psycholinguistics, child language, and child development. Her paper, “Sexuality and Textuality,” was awarded the 2001 Chicago Psychoanalytic Society Prize and the 2002 JAPA Prize. In 2003, she received the New York Psychoanalytic Society Heinz Hartmann Award for Outstanding Contributions to Psychoanalysis by a Recent Graduate. In 2006, she gave the first Ernst and Gertrude Ticho Lecture. Dr. Litowitz  is the co-editor of three books, including Semiotic Perspectives on Clinical Theory and Practice: Medicine, Neuropsychiatry and Psychoanalysis, and the 2nd edition of the Textbook of Psychoanalysis.
On behalf of the Search Committee and the Executive Committee, warmest congratulations to Dr. Litowitz.  We look forward to her bringing her expertise, vision, and creativity to the Editorship of JAPA.
Robert Pyles

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